Ignore The Losers

Aihh, ujian lisan belum tamat :O

Oh-kay, as usual went to school today like nothing happened. But today was raining, and I was like redah je la, but after few secs of walking, baju almost lencun, and I walked back home and asked my abah to sent me:| Urr, can I tell you about yesterday's story? Can ah? Okay, thank you. Yesterday, during English's lessons, kena brainwash by Puan Azmaton for almost fifteen minutes. Can you imagine? And I learned something from Puan Azmaton. It is, "when you have a brain, so you must have some manners". Something like that. And she also told us to be matured, and wake uppppp, the exam is just around the corner! And today, also the sleepy day ever, but I can't sleep either -.- They kept making noise like singing, screaming and etc. I wonder macam mana Nisa boleh tidur nyenyak time tu :O HAHA. And tomorrow, balik kampunggggggg. Yeay, apa yeay? Folio geo pun belum siap. Haish. Got a prank by Ariz this evening, what the hell I hate youuuuuuu hahaha. Okay, only joking *smile*


Gossip Girl.

Less Isn't Always More


Okay harini pun, seperti hari hari lain, pergi sekolah macam biasa. The day before yesterday, Mira got her present. She’d been on the stage, finally. When is my turnnnnnn? Nak jugak nak jugak! :O And Diba’s name had been announced by Puan Fouziah because her mom already wait for her at the office. When is my turnnnnn? Nak jugak, nak jugak! LOL.

Uhm, as you well-informed, Diba has a fever and she was absent today. And Sarah wore a new tudung. Bau kedaaaaiiiii like crazy haha :D I don’t know why, today was the sleepy day ever I guess, I slept for two periods I think. Or should I say, I tried to sleep but failed -.- They kept waking me up. Jealous. Haha. And oh oh, Diba have a copycatttt, more to worst enemy kot. She/he/they made a Facebook account using Diba’s name, Diba’s picture, wrote bad things about Diba like “Imma slut, gedik, and loser” something like that laah :O And she/he/they also added Diba’s friend to the friend list including me, Mira and Sarah. Haih, such a loser -.-

And I don’t know what my problem today, I cursed a lot. HAHA kena bahan dengan Nisa, *cursed*, kena bahan dengan mamak *cursed*. Oh yeah, I’d done my essay just now but not yet finish *wink. And err, since when my handwriting look so... fugly? What the hell -.-

Mission for this week; I hope I can finish up my folios and hand in them before the midyear exam.


Hot Mess

Bila nak buat lisan niii -_______-

Okay, I was just got home from school and now I am absolutely exhausted. I was informed that Kak Miena is moving to Subang Jaya. Goshhh, gonna miss you, the sweetest sister ever :’(

Today was a so full-of-boredom day because Sarah, Mira and Diba were absent. It’s only me and Shira dully ate together during recess. Nisa also was absent. Thank God I have Tando and Nabila, haha. Needless to say, today the psychopath talked to me again. And as usual, I ignored him. Yah, he’s so annoying. Guess I never told you about him, right? It’s really unnecessary but that’s okay.

I had a pressure-night ever last night and I don’t know whom I’m gonna talk to -.- And I guess I’m starting to miss Brian. Uh-oh.

Entry of the Day

Its April already, time does fly fast isn’t it? :|

Tomorrow is Saturday and we have to go to school for Sekolah Ganti. And I am still in dilemma whether I want to go or not. Malas malas -.- And again, Kasturi have their free class this weekend. Like Diba said, “Dah tak laku macam tu la kan,” HAHA. What a good point you have there, diba :p Sorry mira and sarah, I don’t mean to betrayed you haha. Okay enough sarcasm. Yesterday we had a Health Talk program under Bumbung PIBG HAHA, and that was cool. Very funny, and cool plus the motivator is so adorable :) And my Lisan for Bahasa are still undone. But gratefully, I memorized all my script and I am now HOO-rayh! Can you believe it? It took only 5 hours for me to memorized it, hehe. There's nothing to worry now, exams away, lisan is fully prepared, but essays are my only problem now -.- Huh.

Going Down

Ahhh, five weeks to go – Mid Year Examination. And I truly hate this. Because whenever the exam is coming my heart beats like it would burst out of my chest, and my mind goes miserable and so other syndromes. Okay you can say that it's only five weeks, you have much more time to enjoy and you are so wrong okay. To me, five weeks is just like a day -.- And I heard that this will be the toughest exam ever, WHAT THE!? Haihh, I wish that I could go back two years ago and start studying seriously so that I’ll get my results like flying colours :-) Oh yeah, I’d lost my MATH exercise book. I searched high and low but still can’t find it -.- Oh yeah, tomorrow is my Bahasa oral test. And I hate it :|

I Rather Stay Awake

Hey, sorry for the late update. I am so busy nowadays -.-Sorry ya, I bet you’d missing me already. Haha.

Okay, the day before yesterday I went to Pavilion AGAIN with Sarah, Brian and Kak Jiela. Gosh three times this month man, I think I’m getting sick with Pavi now hahah. We were supposed to watch a movie but then the cinema was too crowded as squashed as a tin of sardines duh. Then yesterday I went to National Library with Mira and Sarah. Okay, Adib and Chatey were there too.And we’d run into a few of our schoolmates. Okay end of the lame story :-)

Yesterday I went to Batu Caves with Hannah, Syira and Farah. HAHA I had a really good time man :p We snapped a few pictures, walked around and saw many Mat Salleh hanging around. Haha, that was the best part xD And then we went to Giant, just Giant la, so nothing interesting haha. And we got home around six think. We walked from Giant to my house, can you believe it? -.- After we reached our home, I fell asleep early, I woke up at 3.30 and was so GABRA because my uniform still unprepared. Oemgee. Thank God I woke up early – at 6.00 am. HAHA. Yeay me, I never woke up that early before :p

Laugh, Happy, Fun ♥

Another tiring day; I walked a lot today, seriously. First from my house to Greenwood, then from my house to Greenwood again, and so on. My legs were hurts and it still hurts, I was sweating like mandi you know. And one thing I got to say is TIRED.

Early in the morning me, Hannah and Syira went to SKTSG2. We arrived at approximately 9 o’clock. Pity Fareez, he didn’t win anything HAHA. Then after Abah fetched Fareez from his school, we walked to McDonalds and had our breakfast. And then Syira said she wanted to go to JJ. At first, I don’t want to go but then I went anyway. We didn’t buy anything but Syira bought a cute blouse from Goggles! Jealous -.- HAHA. And then when we came home, I asked Brian to go to Pavilion with me and Sarah. I thought Mira was there but Mira came home earlier because I was late. And one thing I gotta say :


Can you imagine how mad you are when you desperately need a bus or a taxi but then they said “No, I cannot send you here or there.” Whatta hell -.- Then we walked from my house to Greenwood. I was sweating like hell! And I was thirsty too. And finally we found a taxi. Lucky me, the taxi driver was kindhearted and friendly. God bless you :-) And I asked the taxi driver to just send us to KLCC because Sarah was waited for me for so long! AHA sorry baby.

And then we went to Pavilion straightaway and entered the Forever 21’s boutique. Brian bought me a cute blouse. Thanks Brian, I love you! HAHA. Then I don’t remember where we go afterwards. So I guess my story ended up here. Thank you.

And one more, I hate the bloody taxi driver who’d sent us back home. He is undoubtedly arrogant and ungrateful.

Broke into pieces,

Zulina Lautner

A Trip to Nowhere

I just got home from Uptown, and I am so damn tired:| Me, Hannah, Brian and my mom went to Uptown just now, just to walked around like an idiot and yes la, we did buy something but not for me. I didn’t buy anything. Pity me *the truth is, I am the one who doesn’t want to buy anything -.- And yes, I saw someone but I don’t think that someone saw me haha. I really hope you understand this -.-

And tomorrow I have a big, big plan. On the morning me, Hannah and Syira maybe will go to SK TSG 2 to look after my brother. Sukaneka, you know. I know it is damn boring but I miss Sukaneka a lot. LOL HAHA. And then maybe at the afternoon we will go to Pavilion with Sarah, Mira and Diba. Because Brian wants to redeem his voucher. Forever 21’s RM40 voucher you know. That’s too much. I told him to gave it to me but he said I must pay him. What the? -.- HAHA. And I really hope we can make it to Pavilion tomorrow. Pleaseeeeee.

Peace and hugs,

Zulina Lautner.

Another Day to Remember

Yaaaa, Brian is here. Yesterday I went to Pavilion with Brian, Sarah, Kak Nurin and Abg Jabir. And we had a lot of funs! HAHA. First, Sarah’s mother sent us to KLCC then we walked to Pavilion because I think KLCC was too crowded. We arrived at Pavilion around 4.30 something and then went to Topman. Brian bought a sweater cost RM149.00.

And then we walked again until we reached Forever 21. Goshh I want the bag please! Brown in colour and it cost RM 150++. Somebody please give it to me! HAHA. And then we got home at 9.00 pm. And just now we went to Selayang Mall and played bowling. Me, Sarah, Brian, Sarah’s mother, Azeem and his friends, and Mama. It was so great! HAHA. Thank you auntie Midah :) Next time I want to go to Selayang Mall and buy a bag and a flat shoes that I found just now. Wink*

Sweetest day ever,

Zulina Farra.

Happiness Can Always be My Bestfriend

Hello peeps.

Okay, today was a very tiring, hottest, sweaty day ever. Thank God I didn’t have any bad smell :D As usual, I woke up at 0645, prepared myself and get ready for school. Today again, I was alone *sigh. It’s okay la, as I went to school a bit late :) Okay, then when I reached my school I met Nisa, and we walked together to our class. Seriously, do I have to tell you that? -.-

And today we had a photography session in school for unit uniform, clubs, games and etc. Tomorrow we’ll have the photography session for classes. I, Me, myself seriously don’t like it! Nasib baik sekejap je. Huh. Okay and guess what, Brian is on his flight to KL and go to my house straightaway! Hoo-ray! :) HAHA and yeah, Pn Ismawani still don’t give us our BM paper and marks. Shit man; guess I will never know what my marks for BM.


Zulina Farra

Volley Ball

Okay, I gotta admit. I am so fucking tired right now and suppose to have some rest but I prefer to updating my blog :) Gashh Im so pissed with W1MAX! What the hell dude, we pay for the internet and hoping for the very best line, but my internet runs damn slow, man!

Huh, enough complaining. Okay, today my school have a volleyball's game for the whole day and continue until tomorrow. Wosh players must be so tired haha. Today girl under-15 and 18, I think? Huh, I really don't have any idea -.- But tomorrow all my boyfriends will come to my school and I will be like HOORAY! Hahaha, stop flirting. Oh oh, I got C for my His-story babe. It's okay because I also didn't do any revision. Okay, last two hours we were at the school. We watched they did their practice and lepak-ing in the toilet, snap picture. HAHA, I wonder if they see that our school's toilets are beautiful enough for them to take pictures -.- Uhm, I hope our school's team will be the winner like last year.

Good luck guys! :)

Praying for the best,

Zulina Lautner

Sweats Day

Hello people, sorry for the late update.
I rarely online nowadays, got work to do and whatsoever.
Besides, I don't really have anything to tell you.
Everyday seems to be the same. Hah, lame right. I told ya.
Okay, today I woke up at eight. Because I have an appointment at 0830. Haha, appointment la sangat :D Guess what, we have to do our Geo's project. And that's mean we have to go to people's house and ask them a few questions, and blah blah blah. I hate that duh! Because I really don't have self-confidence :| But well, we made it. Altho only 4 houses, HAHA. And I got to tell you guys, the sun was blistering hot and we sweats a lot! Huh, there's something more I got to tell ya. And this is especially for a girl who said we wouldn't have any effort to do this project. What the fuck, yeah I know. Just wait and see our project! Grrrrrr.
Pissed with her so-called-bestfriend,
Zulina Farra.