Cross Country 2011

Nothing much to say, lol. I almost got number but then this bitch lari potong aku then ambik number dulu. Untuk aku dah takde nombor. Kurang ajo -.-‘ Tu la, siapa suruh pergi melepak dengan Hannah dulu haha :D

This year, I changed from Sina to Rusyd. Hm I mean, everyone changed. Ada rombak pulak -.-‘ Not fair, seriously. Benci. I want SINA back. Rusyd memalukan, haha loljk. I mean, Rusyd lost in cross country this year. That kinda embarrassing, isn’t it? And Sina stays as a champion, for 3 years straight, I guess? :O It’s proud to be SINA. But it’s nothing to be a former Sina’s. Okay, before I start crapping let’s see the photos. Congrats Sina.

Ibnu Sina, followed by Ibnu Khaldun, then Ibnu Ar-Radzi, Ibnu Hazem and lastly hm malas ah nak cakap lol

Ibnu Rusyd yang NYITNYIT
Wan Aliah, Farah Nadia, Syira Yahya. Congrats Farah sebab dpt nombor 7 & satu-satunya Rusyd dalam kategori Perempuan 1 -.-
Hannah and Wafin. Hehe tomey
This is my tag. Rusyd, perempuan 1.

My 12 Commandments

1. Be me.

2. Never ever stop dreaming.

3. Do what you love.

4. Do it now.

5. Cease to complain.

6. Change begins to oneself.

7. Laugh often and much.

8. Take care of your relationship.

9. Learn to say ‘NO’ and mean it.

10. Let it go.

11. Eat. Pray. Love.

12. Always always believe in yourself.

Double Delight

Hi, it’s been awhile isn’t it? :D

Today we were having this cross country practice. First time I run at the actual track which is shorter than last year. As usual, aku memang senang gila penat -.-‘ I was extremely exhausted that when I reached home, I switched on the fan, laid on my bed, sleeping. I woke up 3 hours later. Niceee.

So yesterday I went to Jaya Jusco with Hannah and her family. We had lots of funs! Apparently we didn’t do many things. We walked around, bought some stuffs and so on. So here’s the pictures

Jalan memang lengang gila sebab kitorang hehe, belakang -.-
Tengok, saya dah Rusyd sekarang :D
I found this in Jaya Jusco. And I'm dying to play in it!
Hannah retarded hahah :D
Our pretty sis, Anise Agong
One of our fav. Lol.



I was about to go to sleep when I suddenly evoke about my pass. About things that I’ve done. Mistakes after mistakes. I was an innocent-faced girl with unbelievable mistakes. No wonder because I was just a 12-year old midget. Luckily I’d get my lessons from the mistakes I’d done.

I broke mom’s heart once. She unfortunately must come to my school; meet my teachers, discussed about my fault. Mom must felt ashamed about it. My brother had never done that, he was a good student when he was twelve, unlike me. I was a bad girl. Yeah, kids. They always wanted to try something new. And I was a senior, lol. I thought I was big enough to try something like that. I swear I was grateful that I’d get my lessons and I’d swear to myself I would never do anything like that again.

Friends. That’s the first reason why I chose to be a bad girl. I chose a wrong person to be my best friend. I chose wrong girl to be my hm what, idol? I copied every thing she’d done. But I can’t just blame her, I was wrong too. Yeah, when I think about it, I laughed. At the same time, I felt ashamed about that. When I entered high school, people always like, “Eh, aku ingat lagi dulu aku mana suka kau doh. Sebab kau macam bajet gila, jahat pulak tu.” Lol, people once said that to me and I felt humiliated about it.

People make mistakes, eventually we forgive and forget. But in my case, eventually I’d changed and forget. Thank You Allah for making me what I am today. I’d never step into discipline’s room since I entered this school. I never want to embarrass my parents again, like I’d once do before. I’m glad that I have this fear-of-breaking-rules disease :D

What's New?

Oh it’s my URL. Sorry guys for making you suffer by trying to remember my new URL. The old one is getting me jaded -.-‘ It’s not that hard right? Hey, it’s Zulina! Lol

Selamat menyambut Maulidur Rasul to all Muslims!

Nothing Lasts Forever

Hi all time favorite people.

I was absent today; I woke up late this morning. I’d missed my account class :’(

Actually I didn’t want to go to school but when I think about account class, I regret it.

Let’s start. We all have dreams aite? We often ask ourselves, ‘what am I gonna be when I grow up?’ and so on. We all live as a teenager once in a lifetime. So, use it wisely. As for me, I honestly haven’t decided yet what am I going to be. But I would like to be an interior designer – one of my interests. Or maybe an accountant? Lol, too common. Or maybe hm whatever.

Next year I’m going to sit for my SPM examination. Big exam for my future and that decide what am I going to be. Good or otherwise. But I really hope that I can be a good people so that I can prove to my family especially my BRO that Imma useful human. Unlike him, lol just kidding. So I wish that I can catch up my dreams and so you guys. Toodles, gtg

New Sites


Yeah, I’d guess too. I’ll tweet crappy things mostly -.-‘

Best Things About

Having a good boyfriend.

· Good morning texts

· Late night phone calls

· Falling asleep on the phone

· “Babe, guess what.” “What?” “I love you.” (Everyone does it)

· I miss you/ I love you random phone calls

· Being grabbed by the waist

· Kisses, especially on the forehead

· 127843954 photos together

· You guys fight, you walk away.. he comes back for you

· He’s always there for you,through thick and thin.

I love you, Adi Asyraf


  • Friends are always there for us, to laugh with us in the happy times and to provide us with a shoulder, when we feel like crying. They serve as one of the biggest supports in our life.
  • Friends are amongst those few people who accept us, rather like us, as we are. They never come into our life, expecting us to change for them. However, they do correct us when we are at fault.
  • It is said that whether you need to hear the bitter truth about yourself, go to your best friend. He/she will never lie to you, just to please you and win your favors. What he/she says is the truth about you.
  • You can always count on your friends, whether you need any advice or any help. They will shy away from none. The best part is that a friend’s advice will always be for your betterment, whether it hurts you or pleases you.
  • After family, friends are the one who care for you. They bring a smile on your face when you are sad and they go out of the way to make things alright for you.
  • Friends are the ones with whom we can share our darkest secrets, without being worried of them being leaked. They acknowledge our worst ideas and try to fulfill our silliest of wishes.
  • Friends feel happy at your success and sad at your failure. They share all your feelings and make you feel that there is somebody who still cares for you. When you have friends, you never ever feel lonely.
  • Friends love you and care for you. They always make you feel special and never expect anything in return, other than your love and friendship. They stay true to you throughout their lives.

So be wise and good to your friends.

Appreciate them for always be with you.

I love you my friends.

Wild Water

Hi guys, assalammualaikum.

I just arrived home from Hulu Yam. Pergi mandi sungai tadi, hehe. I went there with Hannah and her family, and her aunt. Yes, it was so exciting. Sadly mak and abah can’t follow us. I actually didn’t want to go, but after Kak Anise called and asked me to come along and after I’d got say-so from mum I went anyway.

We’d so much amusement. I mean it, so damn much fun! The water is so clear that I can look at my own feet. It was icy, really. My lips turned into purple after about 1 and half hour of swimming. Actually tak swimming pun, berendam je haha. And the best part was when Hannah challenged us to put our body into the water for as long as we can, and your shoulder must drop in the water! Can you imagine the cold? And guess what, I fayyul xD I was the first person who went out from the water. And Kak Lia won the dare. Congrats -.-

We arrived at 9.30 something, and we leave at 1.00p.m. Cik Miza cooked us nasi ayam while Mak Su made us sandwich. Yummeyh. I really hope I can go there next time with Hannah... again? Yeah, again. Ciao

Little Voice


Right now, at this very moment, I am typing in front of my PC and am scared that the storm will shot at my PC. Sorry I’m just too bored to go offline. So here I am, decided to updating my blog. Look, I don’t want to disappoint my readers (as if I have one) by leaving my blog empty. But writing it with zero stories or just crapping around seems not the best idea. People will get bored.

The boredom has strike. I don’t know what to do, where to go, what to eat, what to watch. Somebody help me. Hannah invited me to her second house, thaqwa. Hehe tapi berat sangat rasa nak tinggalkan emak sorang sorang. Okay Hannah, gimme five minutes. I know you’ll wait for me loyally.

Truth to be told, I sometime envy some girls which have beautiful face, photogenic, adorable, sexy and fabulous plus rich. I love them. I mean I love looking at their face, their style and etc. Certain people on my Facebook list just can’t get off my face. I often looked at their profile pictures, albums, and blogs. Some of them is Hanis Zalikha. She is a professional blogger, beautiful student, part time model and a gorgeous girl. She’s friendly, that matters. Check this out, her blog. Here,peeps.

Sometimes I wish I can be like them. Where people love to check out on me, lol. Stop dreaming. I’ll be forever unknown. Bye.

& I'd changed my font.


Dear mak & abah.

I’m sorry for

· Ignoring you when you tried to talk to me

· Complaining about how irritating you are

· Yelling at you

· Taking you for granted

· Coming home late

· Being embarrassed about your presence

Despite all this, I know deep down beneath my , I will still love you

Hold Your Horses

Yesterday I read my old blog. There’s a lot of diff between this blog and my old blog. I often used my sense of humor in writing my blog, I mean the old one. But in this blog, I’d become serious. Guess that my sense of humor becomes less huh? In my old blog, I often used Malay, but in this blog, I changed to English. Well the purpose is to improve my writing skill of course. I’m glad that it’d worked out. If you really know me well, you’ll realize that I’d totally changed. I used to be silly and crazy and um full of laughter, and always smile, and always laugh, and always made silly jokes but now I’m not. People change, isn’t it?

Hm sekarang dah sekolah. Tension sikit sebab hw tak berapa nak siap. Tapi nak buat macam mana, dah jadi tanggungjawab kita untuk belajar. Yang untung kita jugak kan, bukan orang lain :) instead of making your parents proud, korang jugak boleh jadi pelajar contoh kan.

Study isn’t easy. But with passion and some effort, it’ll become easy. Well I’m not that smart, and I’m talking to myself too. We can also use the reference books, not just textbooks to study. But certain people, they study really hard, hard to death! But they still can’t get A’s. I mean, straight A’s. That depends on their IQ right?

And I want to say this.

Menyesal tak belajar leklok time PMR haritu. Bye.

Everyone can make you smile, but only certain people can make you happy.

It's A Girl Thing


I was absent today, because of you-know-what. Last night I slept from 7.30p.m till 1.30 p.m. this afternoon. Wow, the thing is I haven’t eaten anything yesterday except for my bread with nutella and, that’s all? Amazing. No doubt why am I skeletal, huh?

I ate my lunch just now, half rice and half fried chicken. I’ll less eats when I’m on my period. Unlike any normal girls, I’m unusual. Lol. Sometimes I have this PMS thing. I get mad at something I shouldn’t. Even when my boyfriend says I love you, I’ll get annoyed. Bad, isn’t it? Even when mom says ‘please help me,’ I also get annoyed. I just can’t deny that feeling. Sometimes I cried because of zero. This thing really gets me overwrought. Some girls enjoyed their period. But I don’t.

God, I don’t believe I’ve made entry about this.


Hi guys. Just now I’ve read Hannah’s blog. This entry will probably look the same. Lol.

Look, this is a picture of my 2010’s class. 3 Amanah. I miss my classmates. I am truly missing some of them. No, I mean all of them. Sigh. Among them all, only 70% who stays in this school till now.

Yon, Faqih, Muz, Kacak, Amnan, Nadia, Fairil, Icap, Azim, semua dah pindah.

I miss how they played at the back of the class,

Laughing while teachers are teaching;

Made stupid jokes I’ve ever heard especially Icap and Yon,

Gossiping with Azirah, Nisa, Tando, Iman at the back of the class,

Complaint to everybody how we hates hm hm hehe,

Dancing, shuffling & many more.

We’re all nuts. I mean, though PMR is coming, we’re still playing around like there’s nothing. Cause we’re cool aite?

And persons I missed so much is Nisa & Tando. They’re cool and freaking funny. Tando is my very first bestfriend since I entered this school in 2008. And Nisa was my classmate too. We’ve been in same class together since Form 1. How cool is that huh? But this year things are different. But we’re still best friends right? :) I miss you guyssssss

But I am pretty sure 4 Falah 2011 will rock my world :)


Sup guys. I’ve been thinking lately, why am I always sleepy in class. Every subject, every time I should say. Today, after recess, I and my classmates had to go to library. In library, while everyone is busy doing their work, reading their books, I fell asleep. I was reading my book, of course. And I started to felt sleepy. I put my head on the table. & guess what; I fell asleep for about, 20 minutes or something. I woke up and continue reading and then I fell asleep again. I swear to God that I was too drowsy till I can’t even open my eyes.

In Maths, the same thing happens. I slept early last night, why I still sleepy in class for this two days straight? Can someone help me? Is the subject too boring? I don’t think so. Asal bukak buku je, ngantuk. Tak tahan tak tahan.

Change For The Better

Do you see what I see? Ha? Hey, answer me! Yes that’s great. I changed my header. I don’t know, maybe the old one is getting me jaded. So I decided to modify it. Okay right? At least what you’ll see is not a boring white pure header with RETARDATION on it. Lol.

Let's Just Be Ourselves

Today is a school day. I don’t really worry about it, though my homework is still undone, I really am wound up to be in school. I just miss school. I miss school with Adi, it’s been awhile since the last time I saw him. Diba said he’s changed now, I don’t know how diff he is but I really hope he misses me too.

You know, my friends are getting into a small fight now. I don’t want to secure anybody. Though I know I have to do something. Well, friends help each other, isn’t it? I thought one of my friends is avoiding me. Since recess, she didn’t talk to me. Or smile at me, or even look at me face. I wonder did I do something wrong to you? If I did, well forgive me. I hate being in a quarrel like this because I don’t want to disgust people. That’s all.

nous allons simplement nous-mêmes être

Great Weekend

Okay, macam mana eh nak start? Eh lupa, Assalammualaikum :)
Harini keluar berjalan sebenarnya tak dirancang. Kay, semalam mak tetiba tanya nak pergi tengok wayang tak esok. Time tu pun dah around 11 pm. Eh, dirancang ke namanya tu? Oh rancang, tapi last minit haha. Ye ye je survey dekat TGV sebab nak tengok dekat Wangsa Walk. Memang pilihan terbaik, dekat, besar & macam macam ada!
Pagi tadi, pukul 11am dah bertolak. Lambat takut ramai lak en. Haha guess what, kitorang tengok cerita Yogi Bear. Let's comment. Cerita dia memang best ah, haha. Comel, romantik, mengharukan. Apa lagi? Ha lawak, tu paling penting xD Nak sinopsis sekali? K, tengok lah sendiri. Rm 9 sahaja hehe. Kitorang sampai WW pukul 11, tapi wayang start pukul 2. Cane tu? Hm pergi la makan dulu. Lapar, kebulur semua ada. Haha.
Here's my breakfast. Lazat en? Hm rasa mcm nak pergi lagi je Sweet Bowl. Hehe & bought myself a shoe! Actually abah yang kasi duit. Tu pun lepas aku merayu bagai nak rak. K, tipu. Sbnrnya sebab kasut lama aku tu dah usang. Dapat la kasut baru. Pakai terus sbab mak cakap "Aku tanak tengok dah kau pakai kasut tu, sedih aku tengok" K, sadis. Hahaha.
Lepas wayang, balik. Then jumpa Hannah Agong! Lamanyaaaaaaa tak jumpa. Hm byee!

New Nerd In Town

Assalamualaikum. Hai, hey J

Ehem, see I’ve gotta new spec! Hm untuk pengetahuan semua spec lama saya tertinggal dalam panggung masa saya tengok cerita Khurafat haritu. Lama jugak lah saya merabun, ni baru dapat buat yang baru. Whoa clear betul. Baru nampak segala jerawat, jeragat , dan macam macam lagi yang ada dekat muka orang. Hahaha kurang ajar tak. Haih, tak patut.

Hm bagi yang pernah tengok spec lama saya, memang takde beza langsung pun sebenarnya. Haha over lebih je nak tayang tayang. Eh pesal? Blog aku sukahati aku lah. Haha -.-‘ Tadi pergi Pustaka Rakyat dekat Sri Gombak Prima tu. First time masuk. Perh memang besar punya la kedai tu. Macam macam ada! Haha cakap je nak apa, semua ada. Rambang mata jugaklah kan. Haha over, padahal kedai buku je kot -.-

Okay ni nak masuk bab sedih. Lusa dah sekolah weh. Tak nak tak nak! x( Alaaa lepas ni;

Kena bangun awal pagi

Kena buat kerja rumah bertimbun

Kena segala macam kena lagi lah. Hm tak nak :(

Tapi takpe! Dapat ilmu. Azam saya nak strike betul betul ujian Mac ni. Lantaklah orang nak kata apa, awal lagi ke, apa ke. Sukahati aku lah kan. Hm malam ni kena siapkan homework lah nampak gayanya. Dah seminggu rehat lelebih pulak kan. Hahaha semoga budak budak kelas 4F dah siap semua homework. Byeeeeeee

Be Mine Forever

Hi guys. Eh, Assalammualaikum.

Alasan utama saya tulis entry ni sebab ada la budak tu complaint kan nama dia kan 10% je dekat dalam blog ni. Haha Adi Asyraf, memang la pasal awak 10% je dalam blog ni. Sebab lagi 90% tu dekat dalam hati saya. Hehe. Ehem terover pulak.

Btw, Happy Chinese New Year. Gong xi fa cai. Limau berkotak dekat rumah ni 2 hari lepas, tapi semua dah masuk dalam perut. Hihi sedaap. Klah bye, nak pergi tengok abah main badminton dengan Fareez dekat padang haha J

Keep Calm

Guys, enough is enough kay. Setiap bulan kalau tak gaduh tak sah. Ni siap main delete delete lagi. Apa makna semua ni? Eh, over pulak -.-

Haih stop being childish and be mature. Thats all I can say. Byexx


I’ve gotta new phoneeeeeee. Its not much. But its new. That’s matter :-)

(Exactly the same)

Kenapa? Kenapaaaa -.-

Belum pun baik dari batuk & selsema. Sekarang dah tambah penyakit baru. Ya Allah, bantulah hambaMu ini, sembuhkanlah aku seperti biasa. Amin.

Entah kenapa kepala dan gigi belah kanan sakit. Sakit sangat & ada masa masa dia. Tolonglah tolong, saya taknak ponteng sekolah lagi. Tak nak pergi klinik or hospital lagi. Nak sihat. Nak rasa selesa setiap masa. Haih tambah pulak nyirap dengan budak psycho ni. Pagi pagi lagi dah buat aku panas. Guys, doakan aku sembuh. Love you