Hell - O.

I went to school as usual today. (It's Monday), and we had our assembly, and it was totally bored. O yeah, Mira was absent, she have to attend her sister's convocation. Mira, you know what, we're so dull without you :| HAHA poyo je :P I got my English paper today, Yeah it's A :) But still... I thought I can get better than that but whatever la. It's just a test, right? Okay today we had a very boring and dull seminar. I am so sleepy you know, thank God I have Sarah and Diba, who were always did funny things -.- And the seminar end at one-ten, after that we all came home happily.


Happily Ever After

Yeayy, went to Kasturi with Diba, Sarah and Mira. Wohhh I had a lots and lots of fun! HAHA and Diba did something that made me blushed, OMG. The story's too long and I don't know where to start. Okay and Kasturi was so not bad lah. Then we went to KLCC because Sarah wanted to meet her auntie. At first, we went to Roxy to meet Sarah's aunt. Sarah bought a very cute sandal, and im jealous! HAHA. And then we went to Kinokuniya, but we didn't buy anything and we met Saufi and Syamil which were following us I guess HAHA.
I was really starving that time because I didn't eat anything since I woke up! And then, we went to a food court and get something to eat. HAHA, after all of us burped, we continued our journey :D Bla bla bla, and bla bla and so on.
I got home at five, washing dishes, resting my head and then here I am, relaxing in front of the monitor and updating my blog. Today's Earth Hour! But I can't join them -__- Pity me :| And I wanna tell ya, I have my formspring account! HAHA.
www.formspring.me/zulinafarra :)
Zulina Farra.

March Test Story I

Today, as you were informed, I had my March Test. I thought it would be easy but dang, I’m wrong. BM, Eng, and KH were quite easy. But this one - one and only subject that can blow my head off - really pissed me off because I can’t answer it! Not even a question! Maybe there are but mostly I can’t dude, seriously. Everyone said the same thing, same topic – afraid of failure. What the heck, I mean I thought it’s not that hard. I don’t think I pass my mathematics test -__- I am so screwed.

But I’m so glad that I read KH even at the very last minute. It really worked out though. HAHA, I didn’t read KH at all. I thought KH will be on tomorrow. Luckily, ATUL reminded me. Thanks dude. I have to focus on Science which is tomorrow man! Gash, I still not read any of SJ, Science, AG and GEO. I am so suicidal -. - Never mind, I’ll read later on. But gosh, I don’t think I can keep up in AG especially. Too much think to remember! Once again, I am so suicidal! -__-

Okay, now I need to do my revision and please pray for me HAHA. I hope I will pass all subjects and got at least two A’s.

Worrying for results,

Zulina Farra.

Life is Beauty, Admire It.

Hello Sunshine :)
I went to Sarah's house yesterday. We had another study group with Mira, Sarah and Diba. It was really unplanned. Haha, I was on the phone with my cousin when my brother called and said, "Farra, your friend's coming!" I was like, who? Hannah? No. Haha, then they said we wanna do a study group at Sarah's. I quickly wore my tudung and said, let's go haha. Then we went to Thaqwa and had our lunch. Gah! Guess what, I hold the mamak's hand! Tak sengajaa! Mira laughed at me. What the hell? Haha. I was at Sarah's place until seven! We talked about everything ; boys, foods, animals, giant crocodile, etc. Haha, and then today, Sarah was absent. Damn youu Sarah, I told you please come to school! -__- Tomorrow we go to school as usual and the day after tomorrow, yeah YOU-KNOW-WHAT.
Praying for March Test,
Zulina Farra.

If I Could Tell You Something

I went to GIANT just now with Shira and Kak Syueeee, oh guys I really had a very best time with you :)
I bought a calculator for RM 42.99 with my own money!
Tsk tsk ;( Now I only have RM30++ what the f? I am now playing with the Google Earth thing haha I really like it. No, don't say Im not an up-to-date person, Im just playing around. I know Google Earth since I was in Form One :D Haha. There's a movie I really like, and I give four thumbs up for that movieeee! 'MY NAME IS KHAN' oh my god, I'd cried like hell when I watched it yesterday! Whoever creative enough to make this super-sad story, I salute youu :P
Crying for nothing,
Zulina Farra.

As Days Go By The Memories Remain

Well I am actually don't like to type this because my tears will fall like a heavy rain -.- But there's something I want to share with you guys. I have good friends. They're Diba, Sarah, Mira, Shira and Nana. We were like best friend since we were thirteen. But when we were fourteen, Nana had to move to Shah Alam. Damn, only God know how I'm feeling. Nana was like, a very good friend to us. Her personalities, her beauty makes you stun. We had our memories together kan Nana. Do you remember when we were thirteen, I really like to sang a song - The Call by Regina Spektor. I didn't know the lyrics and I sang like hell, main bantai je lirik haha. Then one day you gave me the lyrics. Can you believe it? I still keep the lyrics you gave me. HAHA. Then every friday, we always go to your house. That was a very precious moment. I don't know whether you still missed us or not but I want you to know that I love you so so much. I will never ever forget you. NEVER :)
Praying for happiness,
Zulina Farra.

A Day To Remember

Yesterday I went to Mira's place.
We had a study group. Well, study lah sangat kan :D We did a lot of great great things! Eating ice cream like a kid, snap some pics. But too bad Shira didn't came along. And we did study for two or three hours. Then we went to pasar malam with Kak Ain and Kak Akmal. I had to treat Sarah :| HAHA. Ho yeahh, Hannah sleepover my house last night. We watched New Moon, My Name Is Khan and Tooth Fairy :D Tomorrow maybe they want to do the study group again at my place. Uh Oh hahaha. Okay then see you later!
Laugh hard,
Zulina Farra.


I am so bored right now. I woke up late today (1034 am) when my lil bro woke me up because he asked me to turn on the pc -.- And I had a very strange dream last night. In my dream, my house had been robbed by two stupid robbers and yah I'm the hero, I called the police. Goshh so scary -.- HAHA. Today I don't know what to do and where to go so I decided maybe I just sit at home, and tidy up my room. My mom warned me yesterday to tidy up my room before she come home! Hadoiii so laziieee -.- Actually I gotta do a lot of things this holiday. When I say a lot I do sort of mean it. I gotta do my homework which look like huge waterfall awww so many! Then with my upcoming exam. I already started to open my book and do the revision last night but as usual, takde satu pon masuk wehhh. Maybe because I always do the revision last minute. When I say last, I do mean LAST. LAST like almost two or three hours before the exam start -_- My mind is a bit chaotic right now. I kept thinking, worrying about something I shouldn't think about it. I can't get the hell out of my mind. Well I shoulda thank you all for reading this because it is super rubbish rite. Yeah I know you agreed. Haha, I went for a walk with Hannah, Syira, and Wafin. As usual, we went to beli aiskrim kedai makcik ahaha, then we walk around padang and go to Kwikstop. Hahaha. Well so happy and glad spending time with you guys :)
Forever Tay's, Zulina Farra.

If Only Someone Could Help Me Right Now

Dude, I don't know what's my problem but I can't stabilized myself. There's so much things in my little mind. I can't stand properly, I can't even breathe, I feel like dying! *eh over pulakk -.-
Nothing la, I only pissed off with my little, dearest, very generous friend this evening. She's really getting on my nerves! She also didn't say sorry to me. Like Elton John happened to said, "Sorry seems to be the hardest word." Yeah it's so fit with youuuu.I'm so sad, how could she do that to me? It's not the first time I told ya. Many many many times! I don't think she realize that she had hurt me feelings, but no worry, I'll forgive her.
And one more thing, I think I had a girl crush with Selena Gomez. OMG she's really the bomb! It makes me mad if a person says she's not that cute. Wtf? Are you guys blind? *Sorry I'm so cannot control my madness. And I had a crush, I mean, major crush on Taylor Lautner!! Oh man, he's really getting me starstruck!
Hannah : There's someone in our school, same batch really looks like Taylor Lautner!
Me: *excitedly* Really?! Who's that guy?
Hannah : _______! I don't know which class but I am pretty sure that he looks alike!
Me: What? Him!? -___- Jauh panggang dari api.
HAHAH what the? -.- Sorry I don't know what to do so I type down this LAME stowee :)

Miserable Holiday

Yo, I thought this holiday will be the greatest holiday ever but wth, I'm wrong. I'm SO bored! I don't know what to do and obviously I'm not in my good mood to study. When I open my book then I feel like crying hahaha, see the power of the book -_- what the hell am I talking about. I want to ask Hannah if she wants to go for a walk with me this evening but she still not replying my text. I feel like I want to have a formspring account but then I think it will make my face stuck on the monitor all day so I decided NO formspring -.- I addicted to one thing so easily, first I addicted to myspace, (years ago) then I addicted to blogging (also years ago), then I addicted to ym-ing, (years ago) and now I'm not addicted to anything except for Taylor Lautner hahaha. I mean, he's only seventeen but look at his body wooootttttt so sexy. What the? Haha no offense girls I'm only joking LOL. I still didn't prepare anything for ujian lisan. Teacher said she will choose randomly :O Next week exam so I don't think she will do the ujian lisan next week. Haha. I think that's all for my first day off holiday entry, see you again later :)

Today Was A Fairytale

Helllooooooooooo people.
I went to extra class this morning. Gah! So boring -.- too bad I kena taik burung! Dammit -__- Then Mira and Sarah have to go to tuition, so they left Diba, Shira and myself behind hahaha.
On the evening I went to JJ with my friends, Nisa, Tando, Iman and Nabila. I bought a Goggles jeans price RM 49 jeeee yeah I know it's cheap. Ho yeah, Iman was late. We have to wait for her for almost half an hour. We already missed four train, don't worry Iman we'll forgive ya hahha.
Went to MPH because Nabila wants to buy some books. I find a book for almost one hour but I didn't buy anything. I really want to buy Cirque Du Freak; Darren Shan's novel but it is series book, twelve books! One book for RM 26.90, my mom said No then I decided, no need to buy books la, wait until I am old enough -__-
I also want to buy a FOS shirt cost RM 30 but then I decided that I want to save some moneyyyy, so just leave it behind. This one shirt really caught my eyes! Sooooo adorable, but RM69.90 aishhhh. We got home before seven, and I want to tell you, it was really hilarious guys. ILY so much :)

Crappy Friday

Hoh, so bored right now. Well I forgotten something, congratulations to all SPM Candidates '09! My mom and my lil bro is watching The Game Plan right now. I really got nothing to do so I decided to write my blog. So here I am, beautiful as ever aicehhhh :D I really want to watch Alice In Wonderland! Gosshhhh, whoever can take me to watch the movie please inform me :| Money are all ready haha just need someone to accompany me there. *Don't waste your time, I just kidding.
Oh yeah, lately one of my classmates, actually two yah, always talks behind me. Obviously about me. It's kind of ngumpat lahhh. Yah well I dont really knows what their problem is -.- I don't like it you know. I felt like everybody hate me. Makes me sad really. Any curiosity, just ask me okay I don't eat people. Except for my personal info la :D I wont tell people about my personal, even tho they're my friend, bestfriends or etc.
I listened to a parody just now. OMG that was damn funny! Hha, I'd finished reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, *finally* just now. Not bad la the story also two thumbs up. Sarah, I would like to borrow the CD pleaseeeee HAHA.
Guess that's all for this entry because I have to go offline. Meet ya tomorrow.
Love, ZF

You've Got A Smile That Takes Me To Another Planet

I was listening to Taylor Swift's when I saw this phrase. Woootttt I love it! Oh Em Gee, Taylor Swift is such a sweetheart! I heart all her songs. It means well to me.
Yessss listen to her song! Gives you inspirations, LMAO xD
Oh well yah, the title I give it to someone you don't know :)
Love, ZF

Ho Ho Holidayyyy!

Yeah finally the moment I waited so long has come! :D
But don't happy-too much Zulina, you must study hard for March Test soon. Hahhaa, what the ___. Tomorrow I have add class. Oh I'm excited honestly but at the same time, I got lazy everytime I think about study.
Today i didn't go to school. I woke up late and I cried this morning because I wanted to go to school! At the same time I felt a bit regret because I supposed to woke up at 6.30 (when my alarm rang), but I am so stubborn that I go to sleep *again. Then my mom woke me up at 7.30. Hadooiii. Then I woke up again at 8.00. Watching TV, online and etc.
Oh yeah, I went for a walk with my beloved friends this evening. We went to Aliah's house which I can't tell you where it is HAHA. Hannah, Syira and myself went to Aliah's house, yeah I met Azirah, Bie and Anis and Haikal. And when we want to go home, goshh it's raining like hell. So heavy. Then we just ignore the rain and walk back to home. Hahaha pity rain. Then when I reached home, OMG soooo tired! And then my mom scolded me because I didn't do my chores. Yeah, pity me. Ho yeahh, today my father will go to Terengganu, fishingggg -.- hahha for three days!
My fav teacher will teach me tomorrow and yeah I can't wait. Haha, first thing to do this holidayyy, make up my room. Oh yeah, my room is soooooooooooooo messy! Even my bro's room is more neat I think -___- I just finished watching Vampire Assistant just now. Dushhhh, I love Josh Hutcherson he is soo damn cute I told you! Haha, you should look at him. His smile makes me melt.
P/S : Sorry Josh, you still can't beat my Taylor Lautner He's on top! :P
Love, Myself XO

Oral Test!

Tomorrow oral test! Sucks? Yeah, I know.
OMG, Sarah makes a totally-stupid-jokes just now at school. Hahaha. Makes me spilling my guts. LOL.
My aunt and unc must be on plane right now. Yeah, cant wait to have her here :)
I have only one day left to go to school. Haha jealous? Hohoho.
yeah I hope I can score in my March Test. Hell yeah, March test 23rd-25th March. Hohoho, need more study -.- Oh yeah, I heard that Stephenie's Meyer Twilight Saga have a new book, the last one. I don't know whether it's true or not but if it's true, I'll go get one! Haha.
P/S : Not yet finish reading Eclipse -.-