I have exams next week. Hopefully I am adequately prepared.

Tomorrow I have choral speaking full-rehearsal, at 11. Skip class again.

And I have to perform for choral speaking, on Saturday.

Exam is on Tuesday.

Exam on Tuesday.

On Tuesday.


Congrats Congrats!

Hi, we meet again. Hope you enjoy my entries about my trip to Melaka.

First, I want to wish CONGRATULATIONS to Kak Anise and Kak Akmal for such a beautiful results. Yeah, SPM. Bukan senang nak dapat even 1A. My class recessed a bit late today, at 11.20. And from the canteen I heard shouts, screams everywhere in Dewan PIBG. Haha dapat straight A’s la tu. Congratz. Kepada yang tak dapat banyak A, it’s okay. Failure is the key to success.

Haha cuak pulak tunggu giliran aku ye -_-

A Week to Remember III

Day 2 in Melaka.

First stop, The Dutch Graveyard. Uhhh creepy.

Yang ni aku tak faham kenapa dia tanak ketengah -.- Fareez and my group, before the journey.

The red buildings.


Beca, anyone? Satu round Melaka rm40 -.-‘

My group.

A Famosa, the last time I went here is when I was 6 - if I'm not mistaken.

St. Paul’s Hill. After walking under the sun shine, we had to climbed this hill!

Nice view. Can you see A Famosa? Haha.


Inside the St. Paul’s Church Building. Built by Duarte Coelho, a Portuguese Captain in 1521 AD.

At night, let’s go River Cruising!

We started from here.

Ouch, my camera!

Hehe love this.

In Malacca, you can see lots of 1 Malaysia’s signs.

Jambatan Hang Tuah, kalerpul.

Beautiful buildings, only found in Malacca.

This is amaaaazing!

This is Kincir Air Kesultanan Melayu Melaka.


Last photo of the day, Farha with her teropong.

That's all, fellas. Sorry gmbar I takde, haha. Sebab I ler photographernya -.-" Sorry sebab gambar tak lawa, I tak pro. Hahaha.

A Week to Remember II

The moment we went to Melaka.

Day 2,

Can you see me?! Hehe.

Alahai budak gedik ni…

Otw, singgah jap dekat Port Dickson :)

Hats, anyone?

Husna Syahirah.

Uncle Pete, Gerard @ Atoi, & my bro Fareez.


Budak ni memang suka bergambar haha.

Yeah that’s me xD

Hahahaha takde motif.

Finally arrived, this is our homestay. Apa Kaba Homestay.

Nice, very old-fashion house.

Lah, ada lagi haha.

So the end of the day 2. Wait for the day 3!

A Week to Remember I

Hi, as I promised you guys, I’ll upload photos from my holiday. So here are the pictures, hope you enjoy!

Day 1;

Uncle Pete, while waiting others having their breakfast.

My sister Farha (right) with her cousin, Husna. Playing before we went to the Bird Park.

First stop, THE BIRD PARK.

Ohh comotnya awak, comel!

“Is she taking a picture of us?! Oh no, I need make up!!”

Meet my mother, err.. Y U POSE LIKE THAT?!

This bird will make a beautiful sound when it nods.

Let’s go to the world of parrots! Lots and lots and lots of parrots!

This is cute, even animals know how to share.

They all look exactly the same.

Beautiful pair.

Another beautiful pair, Auntie Mek and Uncle Pete.

I’m craving for food!!!

Ah this is so calm.

Beautiful creature.


This is what we had for lunch, yong tow foo at Hometown Yong Tow Foo.

Next stop, AQUARIA > my favorite place.

Fareez, Husna & Farha. They’re cute.

Mak & Farha. Yes, the yellow –shirt guy is my mom’s uncle.

Pretty. Auntie Mek, Flora, Grandma Mary and Grandpa Charlie x)

Farha & Amirul, my cousin.

Last photo of the day, Husna & weirdo Fareez. Lol.

So this is the end of our first day, wait for my next entry!