Welcome Marchie's! :)

Oh my God, its March already.
Yeah. Baru balik dari sekolah. Nothing interesting today. I just bought a very cute bottle hahaha, excited :D
This Thursday I'll go to Terengganu *did i mention that? Then i forgot that on Thursday, my group will do the oral test! OMG. So we have no choice, then we'll do the oral test on Wednesday. I felt guilty because its all my fault. Sorry guys. Haha, nanti aku belanja roti canai.

Welcome To The Club

Hooray! Finally I got my PC! But my only problem is, internet runs slow. Dude, what the hell.
But, I must focus on my study. Yeah, PMR year right. This Thursday my family and myself have to go to Terengganu. Skip school la, have to. Altho I feel like, "I don't want to go. I must go to school," but it's okay, bukan selalu ponteng kan hehe.

Hello Sunshine, I'm the Freshmen

Oh yeah, Im definitely not new in this blogging things. I have account before but because of my lost memory so guess I have to make a new one. So here it is, the lame stories as ever.
Started with my name, I am well-known by the name Zulina Farra. Goin' fifteen. Blow my candles every 21st December 1995. Yeah I'm young I know HAHA. I am not so tall and not so fat, obviously I am so thin because I am an underweight person. I fall for boys so easily yeah that you should know about me yet I think it's my weakness -.-
Let's describe myself with an average and typical Malay girl with a sky-high dreams :)
Lots of Love, Zulina.