I Dreamed A Dream

Hai we meet again.
Yesterday I dreamed about my result. I got 6A's and in that dream, I was over the moon for it. If only it is true -.- Tomorrow my friends (Diba, Shira, Mira, Sarah) and I are going to meet our bestie Fariza Liyana. Ooh can't wait! :B

Goodbye PMR

Hi, I was busy lately with my school's stuffs, sleeping, eating, doing nothing...

Technically it shows that this holiday, I mean after PMR thing-y are so boring. Mostly I will sit at home, doing nothing or loafing with my friends wasting our golden times together. Tho it's sounds amazing or zero boringness, to me it still err hmph :'/

Yesterday I try and wrote something on a piece of paper. By the time I wrote the letter 'H', guess what: My handwriting transforms and become fugly. Maknanya dah berapa kurun aku tak menulis tu huh? Hahaha.

Guess now, you got my point. I miss STUDYING!

Side stories.

I scolded my boyfriend yesterday with the reasons 'I WAITED HIM FOR SO LONG'. Tho it's actually, my fault -.-


Jom senamrobik, jom! Hahaha :| Kitorang ada pertandingan senamrobik kat sekolah. My friends and I take part in the competition. Practise kekonon, tapi main je lebih haha :P Um, I loafing with my friends rght now, Mira and Sarah, talking about our ex-es lol :D Today we have a badminton game at Melewar, with my friends Mira, Sarah, Noni, Jyma, Mamat, Zai, Atul, Huzey, lagi siapa ea? Hahaha siapa siapa je lah. Best ilew :P Bytheway, I have some morons who talked shit about me. He may thought that I dont know hell about him. But I do know now, and you, stupid boy, just beware of me. You dont know what I might do to you. Got it, A? Wthell -.- && Besok nak pergi aquaria, tak sabarnya! Hahahahahhaha :/