Hello everyone & Assalamualaikum!

So our school project almost comes to an end. I got a nickname for that. They called me ‘Miss-One-Shot’, as I only take one shot for my scene. And our dearest practical teachers, Ms Fairuz and Ms Mazlina had already leaved the school. We will miss you teachers. If only all teachers in my school are similar to them, I will enjoy my school life so much! Thank you teachers

There’s nothing much about my life recently. But yesterday’s incident was so damn made my day. I couldn’t forget the reaction he gave to me. Though he unfortunately doesn’t know me, I am still happy. Okay kabut di situ.

Heck yeah, the midterm examination is just around the corner. Pft. I got less than two weeks to prepare for them. I should hit the books right now. Oh ‘should’ is not a proper word to say. It must be replaced by MUST. I really hope I can show to my parents my good result again. I must study hard for this. No time to play, really. But there are times for updating blog? -_-

I guess that’s all. Bye everyone and have a nice day! xx

You Just Wait And See


I’ve been so busy lately with school stuffs. I mean it, I am so busy! Yeah, especially with deejays project! Yes and yes, it was so hilarious and so much fun. I’d finished my part and some of them still counting ‘til tomorrow for their part. What part? Seriously, do you need to know? Coz I don’t think you need & you’ll know it later when the project is completely complete.

Now what to tell? Um I still feel unhappy about this crush thing. Things still don’t get to normal. I don’t know why and I don’t know how. I mean how to prevent myself for accidentally fall for him. And why I like him. Still no answers to it.

Oh I forgot. I already listed as pengawas percubaan and dah start bertugas. Hahaha malu laaa sana sini orang tanya ‘eh apa kau buat dekat sini?’ hahaha dah over.

Bye xx

What Else?

I hate being this kind of situation. Conflict with my friends, things I always wanted to avoid. I am a very patience person. At one point, when I can’t hold my patience anymore, I’ll become angry. I bet that is normal thing isn’t it. It is typical, when someone is angry; they said things that they hold for ages. Things they always wanted to say long time ago. There are many ways for angry people to express their feeling and yes, without thinking the risks they may face. I did that to one of my friend yesterday, my intention was good. To advice her, to make her realize what was her fault. To make her know everything she doesn’t know.

But then again, they keep pissing me off by saying I am wrong for talking to her like that. C’mon guys, we discussed about this stuffs weeks ago. I just can’t stand with her any longer. Yes, I am wrong for saying like that to her, I admit it. She should know that she’d become so rude that everybody hates her. This is a lesson to you guys. When people especially your own best friends give you some advices, listen to them carefully. Friends love you that’s why they ask you to change for the better. It’s not that they can’t accept you the way you are, it’s just that they love you and they want the best for you, and most important is that they don’t want people to insult you here and there. Yes, you might say that people always talk. We just can’t shut their mouth. But people will never say anything if you don’t act like this.

What the point of living when you’re always being hated? What’s the point? Can somebody please tell me? It is true that we must be ourselves but sometimes, when we are bad, we must change, right.

And now things I don’t want to happen, happened. Am I too bad? Am I the one to be blame? Am I wrong for doing something good? Am I? I need to go and see a counselor right now, seriously. I can’t stand this anymore. I hate being the one to blame. Maybe some counseling can help.

Amazing Things

Huhuhuhuhuhuhu. Jap, bagi aku nangis dulu.

Haih, hi! I watched the video on Youtube about the girl that Justin Bieber brought on stage, last Thursday night. Oh my god, that girl was so, so, so, so, so, so lucky. Everyone envy her, of course (well except for me, *poker face)! Damn, now I’m going mad >.<

I went to school today; I don’t even open my book today, except when we had to do some exercise in first period. I watched the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer, just now. I wanna watch it!!!! And I am going to watch it in 3D. I don’t care! Enough for today! I’m going to tell you something about myself. If you don’t feel like read it, well… you must read! Hehe just kidding, okay close the tab now.

People said I don’t smile. My classmates always asked me to smile, but I don’t know, really. I don’t feel like smiling. I know they’re quotes that saying, ‘smile because you’re beautiful.’ I’ve tried but I just don’t effin’ know :\ I rarely smile to persons I don’t know well. I only smiles for reason. Um I bet everyone did that? lol. So, next time if you feel like you want to see me smiling, you must smile to me first.

& there’s only one person who can makes me smiling all the time. (I lied, that one person usually makes me sigh)

Your Life Is Nothing When People Hate You

Guys, if you ever feel like you are being hated by everybody, you must try to change. Don’t let people hate you. Don’t make people happy when you’re not around. Or whatever. I know some people had a feeling like that to me, but so far, I never heard of it, so I don’t know. I am not trying to say that I am a perfect human being, where there’s nobody hates me. It’s not like that.

When you have brain, you should have some manners. And when you have face, pretty or handsome, you should have some manners too. It must be fair and square. I mean the outside and inner beauty. I am not trying to insult anybody. It’s not just for you; it is for me to motivate myself too. Bye x

What Are You Blabbered About?

Someone had already talked about me in his/her blog. Never mind, I have reason for dumping him. It’s not that I want to; I’m just doing what I thought I should do. I know after this people will start saying that I don’t appreciate things or blah blah blah. I don’t care as long as I think it’s the best way. Goodbye x

Twinkling Star

Hey guys, hope you’re doing fine.

I got to say that I didn’t enjoy today as much as I did yesterday. I had this DJ meeting and our teacher’s plan sound’s great and I can’t wait to get this started. So tonight, as the whole wide world knows, is Justin’s concert. I want to go! I want it so bad. But I can’t. Never mind, next time when I am older, I’ll go to Hollywood and meet every artist I know! We’ll see! Lol.

To every person that got the tickets for tonight, you guys might be hysterical right now, I know it. To every person that didn’t have the ticket just like ME… okay you can start cry now! xD I watched the movie trailer, Red Riding Hood and um can anybody bring me to watch it like, now? The heroes make me melt.

I am getting on Farah’s nerves when I cheated her again this afternoon. I am so sorry Farah; I didn’t expect you would believe in me. Oh and, can someone tell me how to watch movie online? I googled it but everything was just disappointing. I want to watch The Finding Nemo for the 100th times but I can’t find the movie. Please help. And by the way, I had accepted to be the pengawas percubaan starting tomorrow. Can’t wait.


What’s with the title?

Seniors mean the person who is older than us. In school, the oldest is people in Form 5 and they’re the seniors. I respect seniors with protective characteristics. But in my school, they’re only some of them. Maybe, this senior title makes them feel they have powers or something like that and they can make fun of their juniors. My friend had been bullied by seniors from the pure science’s stream. How bad is that?

People said when we have brain, we should have some manners. But I guess that is cliché and had been forgotten or maybe these seniors don’t even know those phrases are exists. One thing for sure, this problem in my school should be stop or else it will be too embarrassing. Come on, we’re all grown-up right? Be and act like mature. I’m not trying to interfere or anything but I just tell what I always thought. Seniors fighting with their juniors in front of class and they’re all in the science’s stream? This kinda thing should not be happening anywhere, and at anytime. And seniors insulted their juniors through facebook status!? Why should be through the facebook status?

So the conclusion is, facebook can be the beginning of fights.

Just Stay Strong

Assalammualaikum~ maaf semalam dah miss satu hari tak update blog. Haha alaaa relaks la. Baru sehari, takde siapa heran -.-

Actually I have nothing to write anymore. I had no idea why. And oh, I got zit on my forehead, but you can’t see it, and it hurts a lot. Keeps feeling like burning and every time it’s burning, I always thought about being a Harry Potter. Lol craps.

To all my friends, I wanna apologize for lied to you guys about going to Bieber’s concert. Sorry I really don’t mean it :( Actually, I mean it. Farah is the only person who goes ‘WHATTTT!?’ and I already know about it xD Sekarang dah lega ah korang en yang aku tak pergi!? Hahaha.

Today I had a great laugh with Haikal, Nano, Sarah and Shira. They kept teasing me about dating with guys in our school as I am now a ‘single lady.’ Thank you guys for making me happy again :) today class was quite bored. No teachers for 3 periods. And, to CA, idk but, I just can’t get you outta my head. Please get out! Pleaseeeee. Fuh I hate having a feeling like this.

Shoulder To Cry

This is my very best friend, Hannah. She’ll always there for me, in her house which is about 15 steps from my house. I love her, with all my heart. Last night, I cried on her shoulder and that explains my post title. Hm that’s all, I need to move on. Bye.

To my girls: Mira, Diba, Shira, Sarah, dan lain lain. I love you guys too x

I am not mean. I am just being myself.

I am not selfish. I think of you all the time that’s why I did such decision.

I don’t think I can handle this anymore.

Rasa macam mimpi, kan?

Truth to be told,

I wish you knew how much this hurts. But then again, no, I don’t. It would be too embarrassing to have you know that I cry at night, that I wish you were here, that I pretend you were holding my hand, and that I relate all this sad songs to you.

Love, Zulina.

I'm A Goofy Goober Yeah

Harini mcm takde mood nak bercakap apatah lagi update blog. Saya cerita secara ringkas je okay.

Pertama, saya hm dah tidak berpunya. Untuk Adi, maaf. Saya mintak maaf sangat sebab saya tau awak tak salah. Tapi saya yang salah nak buat mcm tu. Yang penting, saya tau tu yang terbaik. Orang kata, tak baik hipokrit. So saya harap awak bahagia and kita masih boleh jadi kawan mcm biasa. Tapi saya tau mesti susah kan. Takpe, awak kan kuat. Awak pernah cakap dekat saya dulu yang awak kuat. Benda macam ni mesti senang kan awak nak atasi. It’s hard to let you go, I swear. Rasa menyesal pun ada. Tapi tak baik la saya kata mcm tu. Macam nak main mainkan perasaan awak pulak. Saya sedih, sumpah saya sedih gila. Rasa kecewa sebab tak dapat kongsi sama sama masa awak nak masuk universiti nanti. Saya akan doakan yang terbaik untuk awak. Tapi, nak buat macam mana. Saya harap awak jumpa yang jauh lagi baik dan bagus daripada saya :’)

Untuk sekolah pulak, saya dapat nombor 3 dalam ujian haritu. Alhamdulillah, sumpah saya tak sangka. Tahniah Mira sebab menang kuiz sejarah haritu. Walaupun dapat botol, kau kena bersyukur jugak. Bukan senang orang nak bagi kau botol hahahaha :p

Untuk diri saya, saya harap saya boleh improve diri saya. Belajar rajin rajin sementara still ada peluang ni. Dah lah, bye.

I Dream Too Much

Assalammualaikum semua. Maaf sebab setiap hari nak update blog, pulak tu entry entah apa apa. Hm mungkin korang kena terima hakikat yang ni blog saya, suka hati saya lah nak buat apa betul? Trimas.

Pertama sekali saya nak cakap kepada encik Adi Asyraf yang saya tak berniat nak buat awak rasa sakit hati dengan saya. Semua tu perasaan awak je. Janganlah nak salahkan saya ya. Sebabnya, masa tu memang tak perasan. Tiba tiba awak nak touching. Jadi saya biar je la awak touching.

Kedua, hari ni sepatutnya pergi keluar dengan perempuan perempuan saya. Tapi tak jadi sebab masing-masing ada masalah sendiri. Kesimpulannya, lain kali je la ye kita keluar. Memang tah pape pun, tiap kali plan mesti tak jadi. Haih.

Ketiga, tadi Hannah mesej, dia tanya ‘kau katne?’ tapi saya belum reply. Maaf, Hannah. Kau tau kan aku takde kredit.

Kesimpulannya untuk harini, saya sangat bosan, fed up dan segala macam lagi. Maafkan saya sebab tak pernah nak faham awak. Bye. x

Don't Say Words If You Don't Mean It

Happy Saturday, everybody!

Macam biasa kalau hari Sabtu saya memang takde kerja lain selain jaga adik-adik. Oh sebelum tu, hari ni saya akan menaip dalam bahasa melayu ye sebab malas nak guna bahasa inggeris. Eh, jangan la salah sangka. Speaking bukan untuk show off. Tapi nak meningkatkan lagi skill dalam berbahasa inggeris. Ye la, bahasa antarabangsa kan :p

Takde perkataan yang boleh describe perasaan saya sekarang. Oh tipu, sebenarnya ada je tapi malas la nak cakap. Nanti jadi hot issue. Entah la, semenjak dua menjak ni mcm ada je yang tak kena. Sakai kan saya? Tau dah. Yang orang ni tak habis habis nak tayang muka depan saya buat saya tak tenteram. Yang orang tu pulak tak habis habis nak buat saya sakit hati dan mengugut dengan merajuk. Haish jadi macam Shira jugak best kan? :D

Tak sabar nak tunggu esok. Nak jumpa kawan kawan. Tu pun kalau jadi lah, harap menjadi lah plan kita semalam kan korang? Jangan la tak jadi, tak sabar dah ni. Hahaha over :p Rindunya 3A. Haha tetiba. Dah lah boring. Oh btw abah dah ambik borang untuk masuk Masterchef Malaysia hahahaha! Bye. xx

Your Judgement Is Irrelevant

Hi, um firstly I am sorry for keep deleting my posts because I think the post may be offensive. So, I have reasons don’t I?

I come home late today, first I was discussing with my friends about you-know-what, and then I accompanied Hannah, and then it was raining. I come home at 3.00p.m. How late is that? Today in class, I learned history. I was quietly focused and then Shira said, “Zulina, kaki tu!” I looked at my feet and it was shaking, moving, wiggling, and wobbling and hitting Shira’s chair and made her shaking! Well, I’ve got habits. I mean bad habits.

If I am engrossed, my feet will shake to something near them. For example: table, or chair, or whatever. I know right, it is not good -.- you can tell if I am exactly engrossed. Because my fingers, my right fingers, they will move like they are writing something. And yes, my fingers ‘write’ what I am thinking at that moment.

And I am trying to remove my habits. Do you have any?

Been There, Done That.

Note to self:

If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’ll always in the same place.

Perfect secrecy.

From left: Me, Sarah, Diba, Mira, Shira. Heheheh :D


It’s Wednesday, and I think it’s a laughing day for me :p First, we had History quiz in the morning. We were busy finding the answers and at last, we gave up. Bye, history! Okay, enough stories for the morn.

After recess, in BM’s class, while we were working in group, Mamat did something hilarious. Mira was busy doing her work while Mamat quietly opened her shoe lace, and tied it with the table. Hahaha, and Mira still didn’t know. I was laughing so hard that I can feel my stomach burns. Suddenly she said, “Siapa yang pijak tali kasut aku ni!” Hahahaha you’re so slow Mira xD and I did a lot of walking today. I walked to block A, B, G, and so on. And yeah, thank you to Miss Noralida for the KFC :)

Oh God, I’m so tired of laughing and faking smiles. Hm okay, enough stories for today. And I just wanna ask you something. Please stop bothering my mind please & thanks to my friends for the perfect secrecy :|

What's this?

What the heck? I signed out my facebook account for awhile and then it appears like this! Why can’t I log on my account? Oh my, I really hate this. Really hate this!

Sorry, bulatan tidak sempurna. Tangan gigil.

“There’s a story behind every person. There’s a reason why they’re the way they are. They aren’t just like that because they want to. Something in the past created them, and sometimes it’s impossible to fix them.”

“Never assume that someone likes you by their sweetness. Sometimes, you are just an option when they’re bored.”

Here we go again.

Hi guys, its Tuesday.

And guess what? The interview went well, Alhamdulillah. I was so nervous at the first place but then I felt relax a bit. I really hope I get the ‘job’. I will expect nothing and just take what I get.

Today school wasn’t that interesting. Had games before recess, and finishing my homework after recess. I watched the science’s stream students launched their rockets and parachutes and that was exciting! Their rockets are so great. Congrats.

Today I walked home with Hannah. And Mira kept making me jealous by teasing me about CA. I was like ugh stop it. Lol, congratulations Mira, you won. Since this week is the academic weeks, so I don’t have class before recess. That’s make me relax a bit. I love skipping classes.

Thunder, please stop thundering.

Hi, I was absent today because of my negligence. I woke up late as usual so I have to be in my home, take care of my little sister and watched TV, or online or blah blah blah. I haven’t had any lunch yet, but I already had my breakfast. I’m craving for McDonald’s right now!

Oh, and it’s raining. And it’s dark outside, and I’m bored. I know I have to turn off my computer because of the thunders but please wait! I need to finish up my entry. Tomorrow I have job to do, I have to help my teacher for Minggu Akademik for Science. Sounds good, right?

And tomorrow I have this interview for new prefect. I’m scared because I don’t like being interviewed, seriously. Anyway, wish me luck guys. I’m bored right now. I need food, I need friends, and I need great movie to watch!

Stay sweet.

Sup guys!

Today is Sunday, me and my family went to watch Rio at WW. I was in Rio mode until I reached the cinemas counter. Unfortunately, Rio dah penuh:’( spoiled my day. So we changed our plan and watched this -


Well the movie’s not bad. Cool, extremely cool I should say.Cute, and sweet, and the hero are handsome, and that little bunny filled my heart with happiness! I give 4 stars out of 5. So, what’s the coolest thing about this story?

The bunny pooped candy (with flavors)!

I want to forget the past.

Hi, I’m back! Assalammualaikum.

Let’s see.

Back to 2 weeks ago, I haven’t had any updates. Sorry if I’d disappointed you guys. Cause I’d rather have my TV instead of my PC. I’d got my results. And it was okay-okay je. Takde apa yang boleh dibanggakan.

Our choral speaking team did a great job in Pelancaran Minggu Anti Dadah last Monday. Congrats to our team. And the saddest part is Miss Fairuz is going to leave us. So sad, I mean, she is the best teacher I’d ever had!! :’( And hm apa lagi nak cakap? Oh, nothing. Byebye!