Hi peeps.

I’m sorry, I told you guys before that I wanted to try to avoid my PC but obviously I can’t. Poyo je kan kan. I have so much feeling right now which I can’t explain it to y’all. I was like happy and then sad, and happy again and sad again and so on. I also don’t know what my problem is. But don’t worry; I’ll get back on track, soon. *I hope. Pray for my examination which is, uhm. Tomorrow? Goshhhhh! Kill me, dude -.-‘

Gonna Miss You Fellas

Sorry guys, I have to avoid internet, myspacing, facebook-ing, ym-ing, also blogging for a couple of week. Don’t blame me, blame my freaking MID YEAR CRISIS *Examination. I face it every year. Er, Im done here. Byebye. Gonna miss you apes :-)

Let's Reach The Stars

Firstly I wanted to wish HAPPY 20TH ANNIVERSARY to my mom and dad, may Allah bless you :-)

Today, I went to school as usual. Sarah and Nisa were absent and actually I want to admit that today was the very worst day, I guess. Okay please imagine, we were at the Bengkel for 3 periods to do the electronic-shit thingy and then suddenly my teacher said, “Siapa tak siap tak boleh balik.” I was like OEMGEE I didn’t do anything yet! So I was rushing and rushing until my wire was all tied up and... WHERE’S MY BLAH BLAH BLAH STUFF?! –Okay memang bengang, tengah rushing boleh pulak barang hilang kan -__-

After 1.10 p.m, I asked my teacher’s permission to meet Mira, and ask her to WAIT for me. And she was like, oh-kay. After 1.40 my teacher said, okay we will continue later and I was like Alhamdulillah! :D Thank God, so I can go home now -.- Then I was looking for Mira at the canteen and she was not there, I guess dia dah balik, and I walked to the entrance and saw Shira. Yeah she said Mira’s mum was already picked her up and I was like, oh ye ke :| Apalagi, I walked under the blistering-hot sun and I sweat a lot kot wehhhhh. After 2.10pm finally I reached home. FINALLY.

Wait, nak cakap HI dekat MIDTERM boleh tak? HAAAAIIIIII -___-

Okaylah, byebye monkeys.


Just wanted to wish Happy Teachers Day to all teachers out there :-) Thank you for teaching me, teachers! Without you I did not know what is happiness, I did not even know what appreciate is, I did not know how to respect others. So, enjoy your day, teachers!

*Had a great time with Hannah and Alia this evening, thank you guys!


Hey Humans.
Yesterday my internet line was so freaking slow. Everytime I tried to opened my Google Chrome; it’ll show up like this;

This is what we call, Piggy.

And finally, I decided that I want to make some touch up to my desktop HAHA. Look at this;

Before was a bit childish and more too cutie-thingy.

After; don’t it looks just more too grown-up style? HAHA

Sorry, takde motif.

I Don't Know What I Feel Anymore

"When you are young, your dreams are infinite."

Heyho, Peeps.

The Gotong Royong went well; although I didn’t do anything like sapu sampah, all that stuff I still feels tired. I mean, can you imagine I walked around the school like an idiot just to find A yellow chair. Adoi, memang lah.

And after recess, Diba and I walked to the bus stop in front of our school and met Kak Mienaaaaa! Gosh she’s so beautiful you know. I feel like ripped her face off and put it on my face. Err, doesn’t that sounds interesting? Hihi. Okay, enough enough! And after the add class finished, I went to 3KRK and loafing with Hannah, Haziq, Adib, Wafin, Syira and Farah. Memang best gila lah haha. We snapped mad-faces pictures, and all kind of faces. Haha! Walked home after azan Zuhur, and now here I am, updating my blog. Eh! Did you notice my new blog, hihi. I know ugly aite? Adoii dah tau dah! Thanks :)

Your storyteller, Zulina.

Fried Day -___-

I actually wanted to typed, FRIDAY.

Haih, I think I’m getting sick with weekend, full of bored-om I guess.

Okay let me tell you about my weekend. Tomorrow the Gotong Royong Perdana will be held because of the Teacher’s Day celebration this Monday. Err, isn’t that sound interesting? Hihi. Em, with add-class also. 10.30 Until 12.30. Yeah, this is boring LOL.

Today we did something interesting. During science subject, we did an experiment. I mean a lot of experiments about how Magnesium, Zinc and Iron respond to Sulphur. That was awesome, duh. The magnesium sulphide popped out right in front of my eyes. Grrr, beau-tee-fool you know! And we also did an experiment about calcium carbonate, and my group failed, HAHA. We did something wrong I think and that makes the litmus paper colour didn’t turned into blue. It’s okay right, we tried at least. But what makes me pissed was, Icap laughed at us. Haih, you’re really suicidal man. HAHA and he called Yon, Afiq semua like “Sini, sini. Kertas litmus dorang tak tukar kaler!” And I was like, damn you Icap. Jangan la gelakkan! HAHA adoiiiiiiii kelakar xD

And then when we reached our class afterwards, we put our hand-prints on the wall. Mine looks funny LOL, a shrek-green colour. HAHA. I really had fun though, and then we played with the colour, nasib baik weh aku tak main. Kalau tak jadi macam Bie haha. They put water colour all over her face and her tudung too. Gosh, scary isn’t it. HAHA. And blah blah blah, go home :)

I slept from 1330 until 1420. Adoiii, lamanya. I wasted my time already -___-“

Love, Zulina XO

Jump To The Left, Jump To The Right

Yo peeps. Err, tak terlalu lambat lagi kan for me to wish Happy Mother’s Day? I forgot about it, HIHI :]

Oh-kay, let’s start the story. Uhm, I am kinda busy and lazy so can I make it short? Can ah? Okay, thanks.

Sabtuday –

Hm, I skipped kelas tambahan because I have to take care of my adiks at home. Isn’t that sounds boring? Yeah, I know right. Then uhm, urgh totally the lame Saturday ever -.-


Yeay, went to KLCC and Pavilion with Mira and Sarah. But I have to go to KLCC alone as Sarah and Mira will go to KLCC after tuition straightaway. I was on the fence like, nak pergi ke tidak but, I went anyway. My journey wasn’t so bad, despite the fact that I embarrassed myself in the train. Haih, -__-‘ And after I reached KLCC, I met Sarah and Mira. And of course, Mirul. We walked to Pavilion and straight to Forever 21. I found a blouse, really beautiful! But the price were like, err an arm and a leg -.- Blah blah blah, went home. Zzzzzz.


Skipped school again, got a fever and flu. Haih, what an accident.


Went to school as usual, aww miss my friends so much. I miss you too


Nothing interesting, zzzz. Oh yeah, he said HI to me today. Hahaha, finally man :)


Hello peeps.

Today is Sarah’s birthday. And, we’d planned a surprise party for her and that was hilarious. HAHA!

Okay first this is the plan.

Me, Mira and Sarah balik after school as usual with Umi, and then after we drop Sarah, we’ll go to the cake’s house and buy a cake for her and straight to Diba’s house to get the camera. After that, I’ll be the ‘important’ person as I must convince Sarah to go to my house and said ‘Aku takde kunci rumah, bapak aku tkde kat rumah tapi kan, pintu rumah aku terbukak doh, aku takut. Jom teman aku!” and while we (me and Sarah) walk to my house, Mira, Diba and Shira who are hiding behind the cars will ambush us, and throw flour to Sarah. But the exact things that happen was...

Okay, after school, Diba and Shira tumpang sekaki untuk pegi beli kek hahhaa. And Sarah didn’t expect kitorang nak buat surprise party though HAHA! And after dropped Sarah, as we planned, we straight to the cake house and buy a cake.

Diba : Eh, nak beli kek apa ea?

Mira : Alaa, beli cake chocolate nak?

Kak Ain : Alaaa, beli la cake blueberry tu, macam sedap je.

Shira and I were walking around the kedai. And...

Diba : Eh eh, kek barbieeee! Eh, kek ni ada patung la! Beli Sarah yang ni nak?!

Mira : Kau ingat dia 5 tahun ke?

Zulina : HAHA, bodoh gila. Tapi kan, mcm mana nak makan kek ni?

*All eyes were pointed to the Barbie cake hahaha.

Kak Ain : Eh eh dah, cepat la nak beli kek apa?

Mira : Tu mcm cantik je!

Shira : Ehhh, beli la kek spongebob ni hahhaa

Diba : Nak kek barbieeee

Kak Ain : Kek blueberry lagi sedap

Zulina : Tak kisah, ambik la yang chocolate tadi

Diba : Alaaa, nak kek barbieeeee *as she put her hands at the glass. HAHA

Mira : Allaaa ambik yang tu je la. Chocolate tu.

And we were like lat tali lat la, siapa menang dia pilih hahahaha.

And after we chose the cake, Mira asked Kak Ain to called Shira and Diba into the car because we also have a surprise for them :) HAHA. And after we buy the cake, in the car...

Diba : Eh kau tulis apa kat kek tu?

Zulina : Happy birthday bitch.

Mira : Tak la, Allah Selamatkan Kamu.

Diba : Cakap la betul betul. Betul ke?

Shira : Nak tengok!

Mira : Tak bole, kakak tu kata nnti takut dia cair *Cehhh lakonan mantapp! HAHA

And after we reached Diba’s house, we drove to Sarah’s. And I was like ohh nervous gilaaaa. Mira, Diba and Shira were doing their job, hiding behind cars while I walked nervously towards Sarah’s house. I used all of my innocent-ness face expression to lie to Sarah. And I also tried hard to get down to bass tacks as I scared that maybe I will burst out laughing in front of Sarah hahaha. And then..

Z : Assalamualaikum, Sarah!!!!

S : Apa?

Z : Weh, jom teman aku balik jap. Kunci tkde kat aku, rumah aku tkde orang tapi pintu terbukak doh! Aku takut.

S : Ha? Jap, aku tukar baju *Scoreeeee HAHAHA

After a few minutes of waiting, finally Sarah came out and what the heck, dia boleh suruh aku lalu kat jalan dalam rumah dia, if I did that, so Mira Diba Shira cannot ambush us.

Z : Alaa, lalu je la kat depan.

S : Kat belakang ada jalan la mangkuk,

Z : Takpe la!

Okay and Sarah followed me hahha. Still, I was scared that maybe I will laugh HAHA. And after a few secs of walking, Omei called Sarah.

O : Kak Sarah, kakak panggil!

S : Alaa, lantak ah dia

Z : Pegi la, entah2 kakak kau panggil *though I knew that was Diba. HAHA

And once again, Sarah believed me! HAHA. And then she said, “Alaa, Diba Emir!” HAHA almost kantoii ni, but she didn’t expect anything HAHA. And then when she saw Diba and Mira, she quickly ran into her house and said “Jap nak tukar baju!” And I was like, heyyyy! HAHAHA. And then when she walked towards us, Mira threw the flour to her, and so do Shira and they threw the flour to each other and I was lucky that I stayed far away from them *I’m scared* HAHA. And then, we opened the cake in the middle of the road and the cake was written: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA, DIBA, SHIRA.” HAHA, as their birthday had passed a few months ago. And after they cut the cake in Sarah’s room, we gossiped about our future and so on. And after that we did a photoshoot, HAHA. And today was tiring, happiest day of my life :)

*Gambar nanti2 la, haha. And Sara, Diba Shira, birthday aku dengan mira jangan lupa ea! HAHA. And I was a great actress, you should list my name in the Grammy Awards Nominees though :D

I'm Definitely Up To Something

Hi humans.

I enjoyed my weekend in Perak last two days, at my uncle’s house to visit my grandma. And the weekend was totally the bomb and hilarious. First day when I reached Perak, I was eager to ride the motorcycle. It was a scoot actually. And finally, my cousin asked me to send her to the shop nearby and I was like thank God! Haha. And my weekend was a little bored because of some-of-you-know-what. Haha, and oh, my Geo’s folio is still undone, I am so suicidal, the due is tomorrow and I still didn’t do anything. Kill me, big heads. Err, nothing special. That’s all I guess.

Mizz Nina ft. Colby O' Donnis - What You Waiting For, my new addiction *wink.

Bye, nigger.