Not Much

I've got my results. 5A's only.

Here Come The Birthday Girl!

I just love this picture. Soooo charming :')
Um, yesterday was err 21st December 2010. Yeah it was my birthday. Even I was alone at home, went to Hannah's house, I still had a great birthday. Mak bought me a small and cute white-choc cake with fruits on top. Yummeyh Thank you Mak & Abah.
Yes and of course I gotta lots of wishes. On the phone and on my facebook's wall. Terharu terharu :) Nak list ramai sangat -.-' Thank you guys for your wishes :')
Tomorrow, 23122010. My bestfriends's birthday, Hannah Agong and Adlina Result pun keluar esok. So kill me tonight. Bye xx

The Tutti Day

Hihi, I went to Wangsa Walk with my buddies, SarahJoe and DibaEmir. And yeah, not forgetting MirulAriff. We went to Tutti Frutti first, oh-la-la so yummies

Well this is mine. Technically, I shared it with Diba. Sweet tak. Hahaha :D There's 'Verry Berry Blueberry', lagi apa tah. Hihi semua sekali RM18.55. Ha, bayar -.- Sewdaaaaap! Tapi kitorang punya hodoh. Tak berseni langsung. Nah nah ni yang lawa :-)

This is Sarah and Mirul's. Lawa kan, hihi like. Tapi dorang selalu complain tak sedap. Nak sedap buat sendiri lah haha. After we had our Tutti Frutti, we went into WW. Memang bosan. It's only 3.00 p.m., and me and Diba had to wait for Mak until 6.00 p.m. Lamanyaaaaa. So what do we do? Nothing. Bye

A gift. Hihi.

Harry (Awes) Potter

Hi, I'm back. Brought myself to KLCC and watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows last Wednesday. The movie was thumbs up! Ron and Hermione were extremely superb. Love them both Yesterday I went to Tadika Adikku Sayang with Kak Lia and Hannah and did our routine, watch my Gu Jun Pyo. Hihi awesome. And today, said goodbye to my grandmother, my lil bro Zul Fareez and my cousin Amirul sebab dorang akan tinggal dekat kampung. Haaahhh, freee :-) && got myself a date with Hannah and Kak Lia at our usual place haha mana lagi kan not forgetting me and Kak Lia help Hannah mourning for her boyfriend, Isyraf which in Indonesia right now. Hahaha.
Hmph, petang ni nak buat apa ea? Suggest suggest -.-


Still at Diba's house. Nana already went home just now. Mira also. Mak says she's gonna pick me up at 5. So, I am just waiting for my mum at Diba's. Shira is watching tv, while Diba is still mourning about her FB's new profile. She upgraded it and she mourning about it. Hahaha funny. Adi tak sihat, kesian dia haha Get well soon :-)

Kenduri Kendara

This is a picture of me, distracted by Farha's little hand.
Yesterday my family and I went to a wedding in Pahang. The wedding was tiring, it took one and a half hour. Though I like long-distance journey, still, I felt dizzy in the car. Dunno why -.- The wedding was simple, rumah pengantin memang jauh gila di pedalaman lah kan sampai tersesat sesat. Hahaha. We arrived, we ate, we met the bride, we took pictures, we go home afterward. Abah offered us to go to Kolam Air Panas Bentong, Pahang. Bukan selalu pergi jejalan so aku pun agree je lah. Ni lagi la jauh dalam dalam gila tempat dia. Jalan bengkang-bengkok, beruk kiri kanan, lengang, and sampai. Haha banyak jugak lah selekoh dia. Lupa pulak nak kira. Uhhh best best tempat dia. Tapi disebabkan ramai lelaki, aku tak mandilah. Maluuuuuu

U Cry, I Laugh

Hi. Why ah, I guess this could be the shortest entry ever because I am updating my blog using my mom's phone and am sitting in OUM's building while waiting my mom to finish her class. Thts amaaazing, hoorayh. It's 4.40pm now and that means I have um, err, another err at least two hours more to wait for my mom. Sorry I'm no good at Maths -.- Tomorrow me and my mom and my little bro and my little sis are going to Pahang for a wed. Yumms, I loike long-distance journey. Sorry I've made it quite long. Byeeee